Healing Massage Plus Wellness Program

A Wellness Program made to fit you.

The Healing Massage Plus Wellness Program is a membership that allows each client massage session(s) each month at a discounted rate from our regular price offering. The payment is auto-debited once per month.

Healing Massage Plus Wellness Program

Take time to care for yourself, it is an essential requirement for a healthy productive life. A life filled with stress can defeat us. At Healing Massage Plus we can help you manage this stress before your body fatigues with our Healing Massage Plus Wellness Program.

Membership allows you to be treated by our exceptional staff on a regular basis. We will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, focus on a specific issue and bring a sense of calm to your life.

What are the benefits to being a member?

Becoming a member also benefits you through cost savings on massage appointments, saving money on health care, stress reduction an increase in energy and an opportunity to have more Beneficial Treatment Enhancements. The Healing Massage Plus Wellness Program may also be shared with one family member, significant other, etc.

We offer Beneficial Treatment Enhancements (BTE) with all of our massage treatments. A BTE is an addition to your treatment that will enhance your massage experience. A couple of our popular BTE’s are Hot Towel’s and Hot Packs because they help improve blood flow, increase flexibility, enhance relaxation and help relieve pain.  We have much more available. Ask about what BTE’s would be best for you.

Members of the Massage Wellness Program receive personalized tailored massage with our qualified therapists.

What are the membership terms?

There is no long-term contract and to cancel, you just need to complete and submit a signed cancellation form (please see cancellation policy).

Your membership will be canceled 30 days from the date the cancellation form is submitted. You are charged/debited one additional month, totaling a charge equal to 1 month of my current membership rate, for the use of the services during the 30-day cancellation period. Upon completion of the 30-day cancellation period, membership shall then be considered terminated. Should you choose to rejoin the Wellness Program after the termination of my membership, you will have to pay the then current rate.

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